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How Does the System Work?

To start the process, you need to fill in the order form and make sure that you provide us with all the correct information regarding the job in hand. Once we have this we will allocate the most suitable writer to you. Once they have been given all the details, the writer will begin researching the project. Once complete it will be placed in the personal account section of our website and you will be able to access it from there. We will let you know as soon as it is ready, so you will be able to access it if it is ready before the deadline. You will have access to your writer throughout the process, so you can be kept up to date at all times.

How Do You Differ From the Competition?

Not all companies will be able to ensure Native English writers and we will always do this. The paper will be totally unique and written exactly as you specify. We know that all our writers will be educated to the highest standards and there will not be any problems with the paper. We do not carry stock assignments and each person who pays for a paper will get it targeted to the exact level they need.

Do you Charge For Evaluation?

No – we will not expect you to pay for an article if you are not sure that it is what you need. You will be able to go to the website and find out exactly what is going to be provided for you. This can be done before anything is paid, so you can then choose to proceed or not. If you are happy with what you see, then that is when you will pay.

Can I see I My Order Is Progressing?

This is something that we suggest clients do as it will ensure that there are no problems, and it will also give you peace of mind. There will be a section on your personal profile that is found on the website and you will be able to see the automatic updates that we provide.  Anything else that you need to know will necessitate further contact but this is something that is easy to do. There will be a customer representative who will be able to give you a fast and informative answer, so there is no need to ever feel that you have lost control over the process.

Can I Specify The Material To Be Used?

This can happen, and the writer will use the materials that you want so be sure to specify any particular sources required. Even if the work is not being carried out by us from the beginning, anything you have already done can be finished and written so as it appears to be the one writer who has produced the piece of work. The part you have already done will be checked and altered if it is felt that it is required. Outlines can be used as can anything that has been put together in draft form.

How Do You Determine Who Will Carry Out the Work?

Once we have all the details we will be able to see who we have that is the most suitable for this type of assignment. This will be someone on our team who specialises in that subject and is experienced at writing to the level you require. We would not assign work in one subject to a writer who was a specialist in another. Whatever the subject we will have someone to suit, and whatever the topic, it will not be an issue as we have writers that are skilled enough to deal with any subject.

Are You Sure You Can Provide What I Want?

We are sure that once the assignment is completed you will be 100% satisfied with the work that has been presented to you, but also understand that there could be occasions when that is not the case.  Within the first 15 days of you receiving your work, you will be eligible for free alterations.  If it is a thesis or dissertation you have requested, then we will agree to alterations for up to 30 days as we realize you may want more time to scrutinize what has been provided. Ensuring you are happy with the finished project is our main concern, and as we receive so many customers for repeat orders, we are convinced that we are providing a high quality service that is well received by our customers.  If there is a time when you are not happy with something we have provided, we will agree to a refund if requested within the first three days

Am I Safe Using Your Service?

When using our website you can be sure that the security level is to the highest standard. We are able to confirm that we will not disclose your personal details and any financial dealings will be carried out carefully. Even the people we employ to write for us will not know the real identity of the person they are providing the work for.  If you choose not to tell anyone you have taken advantage of our services, then no one will ever know.

Will My Work Be Delivered Within the Timescale?

We can confirm to you that we will be able to provide the paper to you at the time we say we will. We realize that you have deadlines and that there could be consequences to you not being able to hand work in on time.  We will not want to be responsible for you having problems explaining where your paper is, but the responsibility does lie with you to make sure that we are aware of the deadline, and also if there are any changes to it.  It is up to you to you to make sure that you have provided us with the correct contact information, and as long as you have done that they we will be able to get your paper to you on time.